There is no need to rush things


For some people, they have so much time in their hands that they do not know what to do with it. For the others, they believe they do not have enough time to do everything they need (or want) to do. As a result, they may try to rush things in order to compensate for that lack of time.

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When to Copyright Your eBook

It is an interesting article to check for anyone who decided to write an ebook.

One of the most frequently asked questions by new independent authors is, should I copyright my book before publishing it? It’s a relevant and important question because the last thing an author wants is their creative work being ripped off and pawned as someone else’s. But just when is the time to copyright your writing? Should you buy your own ISBNs, or stick to publishing via platforms dealing with them? Do ISBNs even hold weight?

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5 ways to earn extra money

The first thing many people think about first when they hear about ‘self-improvement’ is an improvement made on the emotional or physical level. However, self-improvement can also be focused on the financial level.

We all have different ways of earning money — whether it is legally or illegally. But sometimes, having only one source of income limits us in our choices, actions and possibilities. That is why I will give you 5 ways to earn extra money.

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Disabled YouTubers putting it out there

I came across a very interesting and inspiring blog post, while browsing recommended blogs, talking about Youtubers with disabilities who talk openly about it and do not let such things prevent them from reaching their own happiness/success in life. I highly recommend you to read the post.

Disability now

The discovery of one young disabled YouTube blogger lead Rebecca Shewell to do some channel hopping and find who else is pulling in the punters.

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The coward does not get the gold — Part 1

One of the elements that can prevent you from becoming successful is cowardice. If you are not a coward right now, it does not mean you will never be a coward in your life. There can be something — an event, a surprise, a situation — that can bring fear deep into your heart. And when you are faced with such a fear and the inability to deal with it properly, you may be tempted to flee.

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Understand the secret of autonomy

Autonomy is by definition the state of being independent, of acting separately from others, of having what we believe to be personal freedom. But can we really be autonomous? Is being autonomous the right thing to do? Well if you plan on becoming a better person, you may reconsider what being autonomous means and I will tell you why.

“Why do you accept being treated like an inmate?”
― Antonio Negri, Declaration

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The power of quotes

Today’s blog post is a bit special, because I would like to talk about quotes.

As you may have noticed, each of my posts contains at least one quote to support my words, arguments and opinion. The reason for that is simple: I strongly believe — possibly more strongly than my belief in supernatural phenomena — that quotes hold a strong power when it comes to motivation and inspiration.

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